29 July 2014


It's always a good idea to wear the right and comfortable clothing when traveling. A couple of years ago, I would wear boots/creepers, leather jackets and go all-out even if we're just going to Boracay/Subic. But recently, I find myself bringing sneakers instead of my go-to Dr Martens (or I'm just getting old? HAHA). I always ask my sister to check the weather so I can prepare if it's going to be sunny or rainy. 

Sweater, Thrifted, Dongdaemun, Korea
Jeans, Topman
Button-down, H&M
Brogues, Thrifted, Dongdaemun, Korea
Sunnies, SM Department Store

The moment I found this button-down with hood, I knew it was match a made in heaven - I hate bringing umbrellas (except for the Daiso/100YEN transparent ones). It's so cool and convenient that I don't have to bring an umbrella when it's raining.
This outfit reminds me of Pop Art because of the print and color scheme. I also like the juxtaposition with the gloomy weather.
The Brothers
The main reason why we went to Kobe is to try the famous Kobe Beef. On our way, we saw this Japanese karinderya in the subway station and found the best stir-fried noodles!

Did you spot the clothes hanger in front? #OnlyInJapan

On our way to the only place to visit in Kobe, the Kobe Tower. #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie


Do you want to play with my Pocky? LOL
 Don't forget to snap a photo at the giant Pocky Ad inside the tower.
Even my folks couldn't say no! HAHA
A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without a stopover at the Pokemon Center!
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21 July 2014


"The deer petting me"

My dad planned everything for our second day in Japan so I didn't really know what to expect when he told me we're going to Nara. I've seen pictures of my friends petting deers and I've always wanted to feed one (for Instagram HAHA). But being terified of friendly animals (dogs, chickens, hamster - I'm weird like that) anything with more than two legs, I'm the only one in the family who doesn't have a photo hugging a deer. #scaredycat #I'dRatherTouchASnakeOrATiger
  They're cute tho!

Bruisers Shirt, SM Department Store
Pant, ZARA
Black Brogues, Zara
Eye Glasses, SM Department Store

Who knew I can pull off an all black outfit?
I've always wanted to prove to my haters that I can wear clothes that aren't neon. HAHA

I'm currently addicted to the Split Pic App which makes you take multiple shots in one photo. Perfect for travel #ootd
The weather was perfect! I think it played around 13'C-20'C. 
Gimme some love on Chictopia and Lookbook <3 p="">

We also spotted Japanese preschoolers on their field trip. Kawaii! 
Matchy Matchy with Baby Bear
The Obligatory Wacky Family Shot

I love my weird family <3 p="">

19 July 2014


If you're one of my super friends or stalkers on Instagram (LOL) then you probably know that I went to Japan last Spring/Summer. My mom wanted to visit her sister in Okinawa (more on that later) and being in charge of everything, I made our entry point to Osaka and return trip from Nagoya adding side trips and visiting places we haven't been at. This trip is not that action-packed like our trip last 2012. And now that we have Baby Bear ʕु•̫͡•ʔु☂ in the jungle, we wanted to recreate this photo:

Don't forget to go at the Osaka Museum of Housing & Living and see an indoor replica of an old Japanese town. You can choose and rent a kimono too!  

I chose a white Kimono to give contrast in our pictures because my siblings can't pull of anything other than black. #WhiteSheepOfTheFamily

Just in case you're wondering, those are not real dogs! I wouldn't be walking there if they were real dogs. #MedyoTakot

Watch this video I made with my phone for Instagram. #MedyoBitin

This is SO staged. HAHAHA

The Bullies!
Meet my side kick and arm.
I can't wait to tell you guys about our shenanigans in Tokyo and Nagoya (we extended and had a different flight, more on that later too!)
We always have to eat at Matsuya every time we're in Japan. That's their version of our local karinderya. I always wonder when will we have food ticket machine restaurants here in Manila.
They have the best Gyudon I've tasted in my life (lol, strong words) plus they're cheap! 

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Here's a photo I'll probably regret eight years from now:
"Push mo yan"

I'll be blogging about Nara and Kobe next. Watch out for that!

Osaka 2014

05 May 2014


Moshi Moshi!
Hey, guys! I'm blogging from Japan. Sadly, I won't be able to attend the Most Anticipated Event of the Year: #BU7xSUNSILK and #SummerFair because I'll be staying here until the rest of Summer.
I'm trying to enjoy my vacation before the term starts again.
Been drinking almost everyday just because we can't do it during school days ;)
Snippets of our first week in Japan:
On the bright side, if you want to get in for free on #BU7xSUNSILK and #SummerFair, I'm giving away 10 tickets.
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19 April 2014


The family went to Gold Souq on our second day in Dubai to buy some legit 18K jewelries. It's so overwhelming that we barely got to take photos after shopping. 
Sweater, KENZO

  Even the sky in Dubai looks like gold!
The brothers
Photos by Angel
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In other news, here's an update to the most anticipated event of the year! #BU7

17 April 2014


 Architectural Plans - Check!
Electrical Plans - Check!
Plumbing Details - Check!
Two Scale Models - Check! Check!

I'm freeeeeeeeee!!! 
Back to bumming all day... and blogging of course!
You don't get to see that everyday.
 I always see a different perspective of life when I travel.

We visited two malls (Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall-the largest shopping mall in the world!) on our first day in Dubai.
And guess where I first went?
I can hear my dad saying, "You went to Dubai just to eat at McDonalds?" LOL
I love that there are different meals in every country. 
 Sweater, Givenchy
Trench Coat, Surplus 
Green Pants, H&M
I was a little scared to wear the Madonna Sweater because most Emiratis are muslim but Dubai is really cool and more "liberated" compared to other cities in the Middle East. I even saw girls wearing shorts in the mall! 
These westerners are crazy! How can they swim?! It's freaking 13'C outside!
The family that wears black together, stays fashionable forever.

Some day I'll check in at Burj Al Arab! 
I partied by the Burj Al Arab though but more on that later.
The Burj Khalifa at 9PM. 

From the in-your-face architecture to the tasty shawarma and kebabs - Dubai is unexpectedly charming.

Gold Souq and Abu Dhabi, coming soon!